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Oh my gosh! You totally showed up! Gold star and an elephant stamp for you!  I built this whole Blog With Pip site all by myself, just for YOU! I hope you have fun finding your way around and meeting your classmates. We’re going to learn lots of stuff together.

Things you should do and know now that you are here:

Where to start? 
Read this very post! Or hit the START HERE tab!
Click the WEEK ONE tab to start the Week One lessons. (You will also find Week 2 – 4 lessons there if you want to skip ahead!)
Click the UNDER THE HOOD tab in the menu bar to learn how to set up your own blog, register a domain name and that kind of technical stuff – there’s heaps of WordPress and Blogger info there too.

Don’t have a blog yet?
My lessons can help – email me if you are finding this super tricky – I can point you in the right direction or help you find someone to set up your blog for you.

Feeling a bit lost?
Contact me! I am here to help!

Chatting and asking questions
Ask to join the Facebook group to get chatting to your classmates (and me!) The link is also in your WELCOME email. This is where you can chat to other classmates.
Class live chats will be in the Facebook Group from 8pm til 8.30pm Melbourne Daylight Savings Time each Thursday night commencing Thursday 20th November (Australian time!) – unless something crazy pops up unexpectedly and then I will reschedule as close to that time as possible.
If you have a question about a lesson – post it in the 
comments of that lesson and I will respond as soon as possible.
If you email me, please be patient as I am only one me!
If you have an emergency, please email me AND send me a Facebook message! I want to help!

Assignments and feedback
There are optional assignments each week. These are not assessed but if you’d like feedback from your classmates, be sure to check out their work (if they share it) and provide feedback to them. It’s also good to ask for feedback from your classmates in the Facebook group, if you are after some support. Please note that I can’t provide feedback for every activity – if you are super keen for me to see something, let me know via email and I will do my best to pop in, for sure!

Click into each WEEK using the menu bar to see ALL the lessons from that week.
You can download the audio for audio posts by clicking the download button (then you can listen to it later!)
You can print each post by using the PRINT PDF button at the end of the post.

You can save the links and passwords for each video to watch at anytime (even after the course has finished!)
If you have a question about a lesson – post it in the comments of that lesson and I will respond as soon as possible  

Course copyright
PLEASE don’t share your logins or my work (including screenshots or downloaded PDFs) with other people. Encourage them to sign up for the next course instead! Please honour the work I’ve put into this. Thanks for understanding.

Social media
We have a Blog With Pip public Facebook page! Follow along!
If you would like to tweet/Instgram/FB about your bloggy studies : you could use the #blogwithpip tag!
If you have friends who want to sign up NOW they can do that, but only for the first week. I want to make sure everyone gets their money’s worth and has enough time to enjoy the course.
When our initial four weeks are up, you can join the Blog With Pip Alumni group and chat to other BWP bloggers – they now know HEAPS of stuff and can also help out when you get stuck (PLUS it’s just a nice social group!)

If you are having are any problems, do let me know. meetmeatmikes@gmail.com. Please be kind and patient with me. I am determined that everyone will have a great experience! Please don’t wait til week FOUR to let me know you are not having a good time! Let’s make it work TOGETHER! Keep me in the loop!

If the site goes down, try again in a few minutes. If there are ongoing problems, let me know and I will rectify them. I’ll even move my server if need be. It’s hard to know what the load on the site will be like and how it will behave, so let me assure you I am committed to make it work for everyone.

If you forget how to login just contact me : meetmeatmikes@gmail.com

Make yourself at home!

Here’s the outline of the course I provided when you signed up…

Setting up your blog: platforms, templates, hosts, help!
Your niche : diagnose your bloggy motivation, blog to book insights
Blog good looks: what looks skanky and what looks rad: what makes a great blog photo & how to cute-ify your images
How to write great blog posts (the kind people will love reading!)
Blog inspiration: staying excited and keeping it fresh : how to stick at it
Social media smarts, strategy and success
Growing your readership and media mentions: how to attract readers and media interest
Building community and using your blog for good 

But I’ve added HEAPS of bonus extra things too!

Thanks for putting your trust in me! I think I can teach you lots of good things about blogging!

x Pip